Fantasy Football NFTs
With weekly winners

Fantasy Football meets NFTs. By minting an FOOT you get an NFT that will have a random collection of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs and 1 TE. Every week the top 5 and bottom 5 scorers (standard scoring) will be airdropped a prize.

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How it works

Fantasy football is awesome. So are NFTs. So we launched XXXX. We dropped a collection of 5000 mintable and randomized NFTs. The first 2500 are free to mint -- you just pay gas. The second 2500 cost .03 eth to mint. That means that if we mint all 5000 there will be a pot of 75 ether which we will use to airdrop prizes to the top 5 and bottom 5 scorers every week. Because every team is randomized some teams will naturally be better than other teams and those NFTs will have more value. However, just like your fantasy leagues we are planning for multiple seasons. If you have a team at the beginning of next season you will be airdropped a new random team when we mint an additional number of teams.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I mint a team?
You need to go to this etherscan link and execute our smart contract. You can see a step by step manual on how to do that here: LINK to MEDIUM ARTICLE
There are currently 22 weeks of Football! 18 weeks (every team plays 17 games with a bye week) plus the wildcard, divisional, conference championship and superbowl. After each week we will be airdropping prizes.
We are putting 80% of the total pot into the prize pool and then dividing that by 22 weeks of football and then by 10 winners and accounting for gas. That means that each winner will be airdropped around .3 ether. We're hoping to increase this with some additional funds from the royalties off of secondary sales.
Yes, teams will have value as originals from prior seasons -- just like cards do. Also each team that you have at the beginning of the next season will get you an airdropped new team for the next season.